Design Services

We start every project with custom design so you can explore your ideas thoroughly.

Your project’s professional designer listens to your ideas, considers your specific property’s features and restrictions, and delivers an immersive experience before ever breaking ground.

There’s no limit to our design expertise–if it can be built, we can design it–so you can enjoy Beyond the Backdoor in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

How does the Design Process Work?

The goal of a great design is to realistically present client ideas while representing the actual design to be built.

The beauty of a design is irrelevant if it can’t actually be built and isn’t customized to your property. Creativity is maximized when giving restrictions, and that is evident when we design your backyard oasis specific to your desires, HOA requirements, influenced by your existing structure, and incorporate the actual building materials.

To successfully deliver a design, we gather all these requirements and personal tastes, lock ourselves in the lab for a day or few, and come back to you with a concept.

Once you approve the overall design concept, we finalize it by adding details like landscaping and furniture.

We aim to impress, and our final design presentation will dramatically demonstrate your new project with fly-through video in both daylight and with the recommended outdoor lighting to make the space usable no matter the season.

Can You Design for Other Contractors?

Yes! Our expert design service benefits contractors greatly because of our in-depth knowledge of maximizing functional space while working within restrictions like budget, setback lines, and desired materials for year-round use.

Additionally, because we sell so many outdoor products–grills, wine fridges, pizza ovens, and more–we can incorporate our products into your design to make every part of your building process easier.

Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be happy to discuss details.


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