Patios & Cabanas

A custom designed cabana, with or without a pool, brings your family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.

Our expert cabana design and build services help you enjoy life Beyond the Backdoor.

What is a Cabana?

Cabanas are most directly described as detached patios. Just like a patio attached to the house, they can provide overhead and horizontal protection from wind, rain, direct sun, and bugs.

Cabanas may provide privacy for swimming pool supply storage and other benefits similar to those provided by a pool house. A pool house is distinguished from a cabana by having full bathroom amenities.

What Should be Considered When Designing a Cabana?

A cabana has at least 1 open face, which can be covered by a retractable screen to close it in fully.

Designing a cabana in Tulsa, Oklahoma requires building for all four seasons to maximize its usefulness.

We take year-round use into consideration when choosing materials and even which direction the opening should face depending on the angle of the sun and to provide access to the yard’s other amenities.

What are the Materials used in Building a Cabana?

There’s no shortage of design options available when building a custom cabana:

  • cedar wood
  • brick in a variety of colors
  • stacked stone
  • asphalt shingles
  • metal roofing
  • poured concrete
  • retractable screens

We start all projects with a customized 3D design so you can see how all the elements you request to be incorporated can be viewed together. There’s no wondering if there’s enough space for that fire feature or if that red brick will go well with the stainless steel artwork you have in mind to install.

Does a Cabana Increase My Home’s Value?

In short, yes!

Not only do you get to enjoy your cabana for years, once you sell your home, the next family won’t have to imagine if they’d use one–they’ll see it for themselves and hopefully choose your house over others on the market.

So there’s the actual value that increases as well as the perceived value. Well-designed cabanas get to be used year-round, boasting features like heat warmers, fire features, and an outdoor kitchen.

Having an exterior living area beckons family and friends to enjoy the outdoors as well as freeing up space indoors.

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