Pool Houses

A custom designed pool house expands your swimming pool’s appeal and can be combined with the features of a cabana to be a fully usable additional living area or outdoor grill.

Family and friends will come together to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.

Our expert pool house and swimming pool design and build services help you enjoy life Beyond the Backdoor.

How is a Pool House Different from a Cabana?

Cabanas are most directly described as detached patios. Just like a patio attached to the house, they can provide overhead and horizontal protection from wind, rain, direct sun, and bugs.

Pool houses can have the same features as a cabana but are fully enclosed and offer a changing area and full bathroom (including shower) to your pool guests. It can even have additional living areas like a bedroom and indoor kitchen.

What Should be Considered When Designing a Pool House?

Your pool house isn’t just for changing into your suit–it provides a comfortable area to prep, a bathroom built for wetness, and additional square footage should you want to have a separate living area.

A pool house can be open and airy, letting in a lot of natural light, but pool house design in Tulsa, Oklahoma needs to consider all four seasons to maximize its year-round comfort.

What are the Materials used in Building a Pool House?

Well, it’s in the name: “house”. This is a separate fully enclosed structure that serves your pool to keep your main house dry and clean.

Just like designing any house, we can make it suit your functional needs while also providing great aesthetics and incorporating your personal touches.

Often, we’ll start by matching the main house and then build it to handle nature’s elements as well as wet swimming suits and dry towels.

You may want the exterior to match the brick, stone, and roof but want the interior to express your love of the sandy beach or beautiful forest escape.

Does a Pool House Increase My Home’s Value?

Of course!

It adds livable square footage for the real estate appraisal as well as increasing your property’s “Wow Factor” and perceived value.

Enjoy your pool house for years, as an on-site escape or an in-law suite, and make your property undeniably the right choice for the next owner when it comes time to sell.

Having an exterior living area beckons family and friends to enjoy the outdoors as well as freeing up space indoors.

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